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Equipment: Multi-line pillow sealing packaging machine
Equipment Type: Packaging Equipment -> Packer
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Description: This machine can be made special for the customer requirement from 2-8lines.the bag length can be set discretionary inside the standard range without change any device. The stable and reliable bag-pulling type of horizontal sealer adopts advanced servo motor; it can improve the packing speed and ensure the accuracy of the bag length Adopts the import ball bearing bar and line type guiding rail ensure the machine''''s running precision and reliability Adopts the import PLC controlling and display-screen be of high reliability and stability The progressing of the horizontal sealing, vertical sealing cutting and material ping are finished by pneumatic each of working procedure is running precise and stable reduce the machinery abrasion and extend the longevity. Easy program setting for user operate it just needs to set the bag length and packing speed, PLC will output the optimization packing program make operate be more easy
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